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Setting Goals for Success

Twenty goal defining tips for 2020

Setting goals for success


With the dawn of a new month, year and even decade on the horizon, our minds are often turned to the thoughts of what we would like to achieve in the year ahead. Some may call these resolutions, targets, objectives or simply goals.

Whatever you want to call them here are our 20 top tips for setting them at ANY time of year!



Establish what you want to achieve in 2020

  1. List what you would like to achieve. Avoid limiting yourself to what may be possible in just the next 12 months, think big!
  2. Ask yourself great questions. Not sure on what you want? Take time to think around this question, “If I did know what it is that I want to achieve, what could it possibly be?”
  3. Make a start. If you feel you need some time to establish what you want, an initial goal might be to outline a timeframe within which you would achieve this list.
  4. Define things that you want rather than what you don’t want. Focus on writing positive and helpful statements rather than negative or hindering ones.
  5. Go through the list one by one and note down on a scale of 1–10, where 1 is low and 10 is high, how strong your reason why is for wanting to achieve that goal.
  6. What’s your reason why? Focus on those with the strongest reason why to begin with, these are the goals you will prioritise.



Defining your goals

  1. Start with the ‘what’. Define your goals by focusing only on ‘what’ you want. Goal definition is all about having clarity about the specific detail of ‘what’ is to be achieved, so remember to leave the ‘how’ for later.
  2. Use different goal defining techniques. You’ve probably heard about SMART goals, but have you considered if an umbrella goal or visionary goal may be more appropriate? Read about the different type of goals here.
  3. Look back. Take some time to look at previous goals that may not have been achieved, could you use a different defining method to create a better outcome?
  4. Be specific, aims are vague, goals are detailed. The more you can get on paper at this point the better!
  5. Break it down. If you are dealing with a large goal, breaking it down into sub-goals will make progress more manageable and provide you with little wins along the journey.
  6. Measure success. Decide how you will measure the success of your goal, this element of detail is important to understand the progress of your goal.
  7. Be prepared to prove it. Imagine your goal will be audited on the exact date you specify. If you had to prove to an auditor that you have made a measurable difference, what evidence could you provide? Be really specific in your detail.
  8. Decide what’s important. How closely do these goals align with your personal values? Are they driven from you or are they dictated by your working environment? It is important that they align with both.



It’s the little things that make a big difference

  1. Choose your language carefully when you are writing your goals down. Write in the present tense to maximise the impact of your words.
  2. Keep your goals visible! Where can you put your list of goals so that you will see them daily as a reminder?
  3. Involve others. Who could you possibly talk to about your goals? Confiding in someone will not only cement the goal in your mind but will also allow this person to act as an accountability partner.
  4. Be prepared to review your goals regularly and make alterations based on current progress. Diarise these reviews now!
  5. Keep on keeping on. Before you achieve all your goals, begin to define your next set. This maintains momentum and avoids a slump of inactivity.
  6. Celebrate success. Decide now what you will do to reward yourself for achieving each goal.


More inspiration

If the tips above have inspired you to get cracking on refining your own goals then check out some of our other free resources:


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