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Taking control

The importance of personal responsibility in achieving your goals


A month into the new year, and decade, is the perfect opportunity to check-in and see how the goals you have set yourself are going. Maybe you are still in the midst of business and budget planning or maybe you are already ticking things off. Whatever stage you are at it may be that you don’t need to look too far away from home to make sure you, and your team, stays on track.


It’s time to take control


‘Personal Responsibility’ is at the centre of the Go MAD® Results Framework and is a key factor when making a difference. Whether working towards a strategic business goal, or a personal one, taking responsibility for the progression of that goal is vital. It could be the difference from moving from good to great. To a position of thinking bigger, better and bolder.

Setting our goals is just the first step. Once they have been established, we must begin on the journey to achieving them.


Who’s driving?

It is up to you to decide how you travel through life. You choose your vehicle and then decide whether to be the driver or a passenger. Sometimes it can be comfortable in the passenger seat. You might get used to not looking to the future. It’s easy to become dependent on others and lose control of your own destiny.

You might not notice, as time passes, that the comfortable passenger seat has become a comfortable rut. It hurts, but not enough to move. This is where another principle comes into play -  the strength of your Reason Why. When the pain of staying in the rut becomes a lot greater than the pain of getting out of it, then you’ll get out of it. If the pleasure of getting out of it is a lot greater than staying in the rut, you will also get out of it. It’s your responsibility, you choose. The choice is a simple one. Either, ‘Yes’ I will make a difference and achieve what I want, or ‘No’ I don’t want to.



Spotting opportunities

When moving forward with a goal, we must take personal responsibility to seek opportunities to ensure that goal is reached.

What if you could think in a different way, realise and understand your choices and choose how you respond to circumstances. What opportunities might present themselves and how could you personally take responsibility to not only set your goals but really make things happen to make the biggest impact and difference.

Taking responsibility and seeking to learn as a result of your actions, causes your mind to start automatically adjusting your behaviour to become more responsible.


Leading by example

Your words and actions influence the behaviour and attitudes of others. As a leader you must empower your team to take personal responsibility for the opportunities to make a difference. Many of the people we interviewed in our original research specifically commented on the importance of being a role model for others and leading by example.

Talking about making a difference and actually doing it are two separate things. You have the power to demonstrate this within your team and encourage them to think bigger, better and bolder.

When working with others you may find that rather than take or seek opportunities some team members even deny there is an opportunity at all. They may blame the situation, or others for this. They may even attempt to recruit others into the same mindset.

Take a moment to consider how you could possibly encourage your team to level up and actively seek opportunities to really set goals on fire.

If after seeking you do not find the opportunities why not take it one step further and take the option to actually create them yourself. Be determined and make things happen.




3 practical tips for developing a culture of
personal responsibility


1. Mind your language

Remove the ‘if only’ phrase from your vocabulary.  Avoid postponing individual happiness or waiting to take action for the ‘if only’.  “If only we had more resources…”,  “If only we had more people… “ Stop the ‘if only’ and do what you can with what you’ve got, wherever you are.

2. Involve others

Work with your team to find out why people sometimes choose to take personal responsibility and sometimes they don’t. Then seek to work with them to remove any barriers.

3. Celebrate

Promote how people in your organisation are making the most of opportunities or are taking personal responsibility. This might encourage others who are choosing to deny or ignore the opportunities around them.


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Ready to take control?

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