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The five organisational factors that help or hinder change

How to influence reactions to change

The five organisational factors that can help or hinder change


There are five organisational factors that are most likely to impact on the successful implementation of change. Getting these right or wrong will influence how the people in your organisation react to change.



1. Communication

It goes without saying that communication is central to the whole change process. Three key things for you to think about are:

  • Make the information about the decision making process openly available.
  • Provide good opportunities for feeding back opinions and questions.
  • Ensure people know how they will be personally affected


2. Clarity of future direction

One of the things that needs clearly communicating is what things will look like. Think about how you can:

  • Ensure real efforts are made to encourage people to own the vision and goals.
  • Help others understand that the best aspects of the past are being retained.
  • Make the vision inspiring and the future appear bright.


3. Senior management commitment to the change

The Senior Management Team need to be seen as role models and change champions. Failure at this will undoubtably affect morale and motivation. When implementing change do your Senior Management:

  • Share a common vision of where the organisation is heading?
  • Show visible commitment to the change?
  • Consider the impact of their actions on others in the organisation?


4. Perception of the planning and implementation of change

What’s actually going on and what people think is happening may be very different. But it's these perceptions that will need managing.  When changes are planned, what thinking is done to:

  • Publicise timescales for implementation.
  • Involve people in the planning process.
  • Ensure the rationale for decisions is explained


5. Line Management style and skills

How skilled are your managers at helping people to adapt to change? They will have the most interactions with people and therefore potentially the greatest influence. Do your people managers:

  • Promote the changes within their teams?
  • Support individuals within their teams to deal with change?
  • Encourage involvement in the implementation of change?


Finally, you can use the Change Reaction Model above to assess which of the five factors need more attention in your organisation.


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