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The secret to improving engagement and productivity in your organisation

Get the thinking right to get the desired results

The secret to improving engagement and productivity in your organisation


Previous blogs considered engagement and the links to productivity from an individual and leadership viewpoint. Now, let's look at things from an organisational perspective.


Organisations can spend a lot of time and money on measuring employee engagement.  This is done for many reasons. Aside from considering people’s well-being, there’s the obvious link of how levels of engagement impact on performance and the resulting productivity.


Surveys can be useful in providing measurable results that can be tracked. However, these are aggregate results rather than individual engagement results, which shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for improvements in this area. Often there’s a focus on unachievable things, such as pay increases or bonus schemes. Following the survey, organisations implement initiatives that treat the symptoms not the causes of low levels of engagement.


As well as considering what needs to be done at the organisational level it’s important to think about both individual and leadership responsibility when looking to make improvements to engagement. 


What can happen is, when the survey results come out, managers or teams get together to look at what action needs to be taken. The focus is on the low scoring areas, that is, what’s wrong within the organisation. This can generate some hindering thoughts both about the organisation and the actions that have been identified. Time would be better spent on enabling  people to take personal responsibility for their engagement levels or guiding  leaders to address the root causes.


The secret to improving engagement and productivity in your organisation


Each year when the survey results are published they usually highlight the same areas that need attention as the year before. There might have been a small percentage shift but nothing transformational. This is already known because the atmosphere, the behaviours and the way the works get done hasn’t tangibly changed. And, business results aren’t markedly different.


Groups are set up to look at the issues. Time is spent analysing the data. Months pass, and the groups are now finding it difficult to meet. Remaining members determine some actions to take with mixed visible senior management role modelling and support.


The survey is issued and completed again.

And the same process is followed again, with the same actions being identified.



The desired results aren’t  achieved, but the same actions are put in place. It’s like employee engagement Groundhog Day.


What is needed is DIFFERENT RESULTS. To get different results you need DIFFERENT ACTIONS. To get different actions you need DIFFERENT THINKING as current thinking is not getting the desired results.



The biggest difference will be made by this being recognised at an organisational level. And, then working with people at all levels within the organisation to help them to recognise the choice they have in their thinking and how they influence the thinking of others.

How does the thinking in your organisation influence the actions being taken and the results being achieved?



This blog is adapted from the content of our latest book, Empower and Engage.  Explore the book for further thoughts on how to improve productivity.


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