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Top Tips for effective coaching

21 things to think about when coaching others

Top tips for effective coaching


Coaching is an essential skill for managers, leaders and anyone, wherever you sit in the business. It can help you in many areas including; personal development, performance management, staff retention, problem solving and the achievement of personal and organisation goals. 


Here's 21 things for you to think about to ensure effective coaching:

  1. Suspend your own agenda and focus on helping the other person with their thinking.
  2. Help the individual build awareness of themselves and the environment they’re in.
  3. Adapt your language, style and vocal tone to suit each person you coach.
  4. Focus on asking High Quality Questions.
  5. Listen and observe, as well as asking great questions.
  6. Have the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework in the front of your mind when coaching.
  7. Be passionate about helping others to make a difference.

Things to think about when coaching others

  1. Believe that individuals are capable of achieving more.
  2. Let the individual do the thinking.
  3. Build self-awareness to separate your thoughts and feelings when coaching.
  4. Role model behaviours and a solution focused approach.
  5. Help the coachee to feel comfortable, recognising they will also feel challenged.
  6. Accept that you’re always learning and sometimes you’ll make mistakes.
  7. Catch yourself thinking and deal with any hindering thinking.

Things to think about when coaching others

  1. Define personal goals about what you want to achieve when coaching others.
  2. Continually, learn and practice your skills.
  3. Encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for making notes.
  4. Ask for feedback from the people you coach.
  5. Remember coaching can take place in informal conversations, learn to spot coaching opportunities.
  6. Ask the right questions to the right person at the right time.
  7. Have fun and celebrate success!


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