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What has the greatest impact on productivity?

How the thinking in your organisation can create interference

What has the greatest impact on productivity?


When looking to improve productivity and continuous improvement, how much thinking do you do about ‘interferences’? Those things that could be getting in the way of people performing to their potential. 


Taken from the book, 'The Inner Game of Tennis', Timothy Gallwey suggests that to truly unlock potential you need to remove these 'interferences'. Let's look at a simple equation: 


Performance = Potential - Interference




Pe = Po - I


If potential is always at 100%, but you recognise performance isn’t at 100%, then how much interference is there? 20%? 30%? 40%? What is it in your organisation?


What has the greatest impact on productivity?

Interferences can take many shapes and forms. These could be real organisational issues, imagined frustrations, assumed barriers or long held beliefs. It could even be ‘the way things get done around here’, the way they’ve always been done. 

For now, we’re going to focus on how the thinking in the organisation can be an interference.

Your thinking is made up of four components as shown in Go MAD Thinking’s Thinking Effectiveness Model.



The things people are saying to themselves, asking themselves, remembering or imagining could be helpful or hindering. It’s important to realise the impact hindering thoughts could be having on productivity.


Questions to ask yourself are:

1)  To what extent are your people thinking helpful thoughts (helping them to move forward) or hindering thoughts (holding them back or worse)?

2)  To what extent might this be interfering with their performance and productivity?

The answers to these questions are key and this diagram highlights the link between thinking and the results achieved. 



Is the thinking in your organisation conducive to producing the best actions to get the results you want?


Or perhaps people are thinking things such as:

“What are we doing this for?”

because they’re not clear on the vision or purpose.


“My manager doesn’t care, so why should I?”

due to uninspiring leadership


“I’m not capable of doing this?”

as self-doubt creeps in.


These are just a few examples of the thousands of thoughts  that could be going through people’s heads. And, all of these will be interferences to achieving that 100% performance.


What has the greatest impact on productivity?

Most organisations can identify the organisational interferences including things such as outdated systems and not fit for purpose processes.

However, your real competitive advantage will come from unlocking the hindering thoughts within your business. This will clearly point you in the direction of the main interferences, which you can then work to remove.  


Five ways we can help with productivity and continuous improvement.


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