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What is the vision?  

Seven key questions for leadership teams to ask 

What is the Vision?


Whatever the size of the organisation, good leaders will create a vision. A vision that clearly describes what you want to achieve and where you want to be. Ideally it will be inspirational and give direction to everyone in your business. This can then be expressed in a vision statement.

Following on from two previous blogs which started to take you around the Go M.A.D.® Leadership Framework exploring Leadership Responsibility and the People principle, we now move onto Vision and Objectives.



Once the vision is created the role of your leadership team is to own that vison, communicate it with passion, clarity and consistency to move everyone in the organisation towards it.

To ensure clarity and consistency, a helpful starting point is for the individuals in the leadership team to share what they believe the vision to be.

Working with senior teams we ask each leadership team member to write down what they believe the vision to be. Not just the standard two to three sentence vision statement but what it really means, and what the organisation will be like if the vision is achieved. They then share it with the wider group. It’s not unusual to see a variety of answers. From here the team can move forward to explore the issues and come to a consensus that will drive clarity and consistency.

More importantly, if the leaders don’t have a clear understanding of the vision, what does this possibly mean for others outside of this team? They will possibly have received different messages about the vision, are unclear on what exactly the organisation wants to achieve and possibly not sure what part they are expected to play.


Here’s seven questions to help leadership teams in your organisation with their thinking about organisational vision:

  1. What’s the vision for your organisation?
  2. How could we possibly check that we ALL share the same vision?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how achievable do we believe the vision to be?
  4. How could we involve people at all levels in the organisation in the ongoing development and execution of the vision?
  5. How could we possibly communicate the vision in a compelling way that captures hearts and minds?
  6. When sharing the vision with others, how could we pre-empt and address any hindering thinking?
  7. What steps could we possibly put in place as we progress, to ensure we are still aligned and consistent and that the whole organisation understands the vision?


You may be thinking about this in the context of a senior leadership team. The same principles apply, and the questions can be useful for leadership teams wherever they sit in your organisation. These questions can be regularly revisited to assess if leadership teams are paying enough attention to the vision element of the Leadership Framework.


For further thoughts or to help you with your thinking:

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