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Have you ever seen a person having a “light bulb moment” – a moment of clarity, a great idea or an important realisation? Of course you have and you will know the significance of that new helpful thought and how it can be translated into action to make a difference (M.A.D.®) rather than stay the same.

So how often would you like to create light bulb moments for yourself, your team, colleagues or throughout the organisation and encourage people to go make a difference (Go M.A.D.)? If you are genuinely interested in developing people, then equipping them with an effective and efficient framework for thinking and achieving success is an absolute must!


The Go MAD Results Framework


We develop, license and support people to use and apply the Go M.A.D. Results Framework to create light bulb moments for themselves and others. When a team or organisation have a shared language and practical toolkit to solve problems and achieve greater success, the lights go on and the magic really starts to happen…



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