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Sometimes an Executive Team needs help with their thinking – whether it be clarity of vision, alignment of strategic priorities or a more effective way of working together. So, sometimes we observe behaviours and analyse the quality of their questions; sometimes we provide feedback, train or coach; and sometimes we facilitate their thoughts using the Go M.A.D.® Leadership Framework.



“How to make a difference by transforming managers into leaders.”

Transforming managers into leaders


“How to save time and money by managing organisational change effectively.”

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If you are an Executive Team member and would like to know more about this then choose one of the following books and we will send you a free copy. Just contact us with the one you'd prefer.


Real life feedback


“No doubt about it, Go M.A.D. is a powerful tool. I first learned the framework for personal reasons and found immediate applications for both my daily business and person life. It wasn´t long after that I could see that by cascading the framework to the rest of the management team, we could see even better results. It has changed the way we approach challenges and the result is a very solutions focused team – from top to bottom. We are located in Spain so I was concerned about potential cultural and linguistic boundaries. However, the system is so powerful yet so basic, our team learned it without any difficulty.”

- Stephen Phillips, CEO, Reparalia



“I have been using the Go MAD Thinking methodology since 2007 to provide clarity, structure and rigor to my thinking at Executive level. It has helped me coach the team to win major global accounts, increase sales win ratios, improve team retention and run a more effective operation.”

– Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer, Hotwire PR


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to become the most improved council in the UK


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