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Would you like us to deliver a one-off workshop or a series of training programmes? Or would you like to deliver them yourself?

  • “Getting The Results You Want” – a 1 day workshop for 6-200 people enabling them to learn and apply the 7 principles of the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework and core thinking tools to a business objective. This is supported by 18 online video modules and the “Go MAD – The Art of Making A Difference” book.


  • “Results Acceleration Programme” – typically over 3-6 months for 10-15 managers. An initial 3 days training with sponsored business challenges and review workshops to measure the results at 60 or 90 days. This has previously been used as part of talent management and leadership programmes.
  • Bespoke coaching skills, leadership and change management training based upon “Go MAD About Coaching” and “How to save time and money by managing organisational change effectively” books and “Thinking For Business Success” audio programmes.
  • Conference or bite-sized sessions based on the 7 Go M.A.D. key principles and supported by online resource library.
  • Use of the Go M.A.D. Results Framework to underpin and provide “the glue” between behaviours and competencies as part of a management development programme.

Go MAD Thinking award-winning book collection

We also provide trainer training and continuous professional development for licensed Go M.A.D. trainers for many of our clients.

“Solution Focused Thinking Skills” is our 4-day core Go M.A.D. public programme. It is a great place to start your Go M.A.D. Thinking journey with people from other organisations. This combines elements of all the above programmes including the opportunity to receive a 50% discount if you are the first person in your organisation to participate.


Real life feedback

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“I keep returning to the Results Framework as the most practical and flexible model I have come across. It is so robust and easy for people to apply that it underpins our leadership and talent development programmes. I love the clarity of the goal defining tools and the power of the possibility thinking techniques. The Go M.A.D. Thinking team work completely in partnership with our organisation designing tailored events and solutions to meet our needs and really focus on equipping our people with the tools to make a difference. The 90 day team challenges are really valued by the Executive team who sponsor the key operational and strategic projects. These provide a great opportunity to combine learning and development with tangible business outcomes.”

– Tamar Hughes, Learning and Development Manager, Phoenix Group


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“I really loved it because everything you have shared with us has been really pragmatic. Not just full of theory and words. Its stuff that we can actually take back to make a difference. It’s been absolutely brilliant."

- Tracy Roden, Head of Learning & Development, Swinton Insurance Group


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“I have to say that I was a true non believer at the start of the course but you have more than won me over! Day 2 back at work and my staff think that I have been replaced with a lookalike ! Long may it continue.” 

- Paul Bradshaw, Customer Relations Operations Manager, Virgin Media



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