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What if there was a simpler, easier way of achieving results as a manager? The good news is that many thousands of managers have discovered and are applying the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework to improve their personal performance and the productivity of their team.



Here is a top 10 list of Go M.A.D. applications by managers:

  1. To solve problems quicker day to day.
  2. To achieve performance targets.
  3. To gain and maintain buy-in when involving others.
  4. To keep projects on track with umbrella goals.
  5. To build better, more robust project plans.
  6. To improve the output of meetings.
  7. To increase personal and team confidence.
  8. To coach team and colleagues to have light bulb moments and achieve greater success.
  9. To tackle “hindering thoughts” and find solutions easier.
  10. To manage teams through change.

So, if any of the above interest you then visit the shop and select a book, perhaps watch a video, listen to a podcast or consider a place on a Go M.A.D. training programme.


Real life feedback



“As a mentor, appraiser, educational supervisor, clinical supervisor, manager, trainer, teacher, tutor and consultant for the Trust with attendance at a lot of CPD events and training over the years, this was honestly the best 7.5 hours of training that I’ve ever received - engaging, skill driven, interesting and relevant.” 

- Dr Mark Lovell MBChB(hons), BSc(hons), PGDipMedSc(merit), MRCPsych, Consultant Child and Adolescent Learning Disability Psychiatrist at Tees, Esk and wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

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“I really benefited from attending the Solutions Focused Thinking programme, both on a business and personal level.  The methodology is practical and easy to use and I find my wider team getting value from the process when I apply the methodology in our team meetings. I've recommended many colleagues to attend this dynamic programme.” 

– Michelle Billington, Head of Culture, Veolia


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“The Go M.A.D. Framework enables people to constructively challenge conventional ways of doing things, to explore ways in which systems and processes can be improved and to find solutions to problems. Having undertaken 3 days of training in Go M.A.D. methodologies, I believe it adds another dimension to improving the way people think. It complements our existing operational models and can only enhance our culture if we have more people trained in applying the very practical skills and tools.”

- Martyn Ball, Chief Inspector, Leicestershire Police

“I found the training course to be one of the most productive I have attended – a real inspiration using concepts that actually work and make a difference.” 

- Andrew Pettingill, Managing Director, Meridian Business Support



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