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One of the most satisfying elements of the work we do is when we see or hear about people having “light bulb moments” and achieving 30, 60 or 90-day Go M.A.D.® (Make A Difference) challenges.

This might be as a result of reading one of our Go M.A.D. books, being coached by a colleague, attending a training programme or being part of a business improvement team challenge.

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One of the great things about the Go M.A.D. methodology is that it can be used and applied by anyone and everyone in an organisation. The 7 key principles provide a practical results framework for achieving personal success inside and outside of work (many people have introduced friends and family to the Go M.A.D. Thinking tools and resources). When team members have a shared thinking framework and set of practical tools, their combined results can sky rocket.

So, if you are seeking to achieve a goal, solve a problem or make some sort of measurable improvement at work (or at home) then select a Go M.A.D. book to read, watch a video and listen to over 200 podcasts or knock on your bosses door and ask permission to Go Make A Difference (they usually say “Yes” if you commit to taking responsibility for improving something!)


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“Andy delivered an event for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust which I attended. I am just in the process of finishing a Masters Degree in Healthcare Management which my organisation has funded and I can quite honestly say that I would have paid the same amount to have attended your event as it just makes sense. The framework is so elegantly simple yet extremely effective and it has had an enormously positive effect on my approach to life and work.”

- Leigh Clarke, Assistant Director of Service Continuity at 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

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“I would like to say how fantastic I found the course. When asked by someone what tools we took away from it I replied that we didn't take any tools away; we gained knowledge of how to use the primary tool we already have, the brain, and I would like to thank you and your team for designing such an effective and enjoyable course. I now really do believe I can make a difference in whichever part of my life I choose and am already thinking about where it will be most effective.”

- Ricky Broughton, Account Manager at AxiCom

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“I would also like to thank you for a life changing course, I have spent the whole weekend explaining the course to friends and family, I am consciously changing my thoughts and behaviours with the confidence that it will become second nature. It is strange that we are always taught to behave better, from teachers and parents, no one thought to teach us to ‘think’ better to ourselves and better...what a difference it has made to me.”

- Victoria De Kock, Close Brothers Finance



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