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Solution Focused Thinking Programme


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June 25th-28th

July 16th-19th

September 17th-20th

October 15th-18th

November 19th-22nd

December 10th-13th




The “Solution Focused Thinking Skills” Programme is our flagship 4-day public programme open to managers and leaders from any organisation.

Designed and co-facilitated by Andy Gilbert, Founding Director and developer of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, the programme can be held in-house but is often run at our Leicestershire HQ.


By attending this programme you will:

  • Explore the seven key principles and eleven critical links that are the DNA of success.
  • Discover what Results Focused Thinking is, how to do it and its four key benefits.
  • Master the Classic Coaching route applied by leading coaches internationally.
  • Learn two High Quality Questioning Techniques to engage the imagination and focus the mind.
  • Calculate the probability of success for any task, goal or project …
  • … and effectively analyse why previous improvements have not been made.
  • Practice the four goal defining techniques used by the top 0.1% of achievers.
  • Create a powerful self-talk so it positively affects your outcomes.
  • Learn how to recognise limiting belief statements and consider a more helpful approach.
  • Be introduced to the ten possibility areas that help successful people generate creative solutions
  • Experience the ‘Bubble’ approach to generating vast quantities of ideas.
  • Receive 6 further approaches to designing creative high quality coaching questions.
  • Coach yourself and others with easy-to-apply project preparation tools.
  • Leave with the four thinking components that will significantly enable your success.


What other Business Leaders thought of their training programme;

“Fantastic! I have been in the call centre industry for 15 years and thought that I had seen pretty much every way of coaching and managing people. I have been shown a whole new way of doing things that will have a great benefit to what we do here. I came away with the tools to move my managers and teams onwards to greater levels. I have also found a way of getting the managers to find the answers from within themselves instead of just asking questions that they know the answers to.”

- Paul Bradshaw, Virgin Media.

“The Go M.A.D. programme has delivered exactly what I needed: consolidating my vocational coaching experience into a qualification; enhancing my effectiveness and expertise; developing my skills, both as a leader and a coach. The underpinning theory and academic approach have broadened my knowledge and skills massively, all of which I have been sharing in my organisational development role, to the benefit of my organisation. My coaching is now operating ‘at a deeper level’ as a result of this programme.”

– Neil Keeler, People & O.D. Manager, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

“I was sceptical when the HR folks said that Go MAD was the best training they ever had. Since then, I went MAD, removed my negative thinking and agree that Go MAD Thinking is the most valuable training that I have received in my 6 years at GE, so you can see how important Go MAD is relative to other important tools like CECOR and 6-Sigma.”

– Eric Agdeppa, Global Molecular Imaging Scientist, GE Healthcare

“I found the training course to be one of the most productive I have attended – a real inspiration using concepts that actually work and make a difference.”

- Andrew Pettingill, Managing Director, Meridian Business Support

“I really benefited from attending the Solutions Focused Thinking programme, both on a business and personal level. The methodology is practical and easy to use and I find my wider team getting value from the process when I apply the methodology in our team meetings. I've recommended many colleagues to attend this dynamic programme.”

– Michelle Billington, Head of Culture, Veolia

“I would also like to thank you for a life changing course, I have spent the whole weekend explaining the course to friends and family, I am consciously changing my thoughts and behaviours with the confidence that it will become second nature. It is strange that we are always taught to behave better, from teachers and parents, no one thought to teach us to ‘think’ better to ourselves and better...what a difference it has made to me.”

- Victoria De Kock, Hiscox Insurance

“Go M.A.D. has enabled me to think in a solution focused way to enable change management. There are a variety of Go MAD applications and a great range of relevant, interesting products and services that enable people to make a difference in both their work and personal life.”

– Jo Attenborough, HR Director


Venue and Investment Costs

Go MAD Thinking, Pocket Gate Farm, Off Breakback Road, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire LE12 8RS.

We are within three miles of J23 of the M1 and five miles from Loughborough. Accommodation is not included but can be arranged for delegates at local B&B’s.

£2,750+VAT including all course materials and post course support.

To ensure a high quality of learning, each programme is restricted to twelve delegates, so if you are ready to learn and apply the benefits of over 4,000 hours of research we recommend you reserve your place now, as demand is always high for this premier programme.


What can I expect from the Programme?

Over the course of the initial four days, you will experience, embed and apply the researched Go M.A.D. Results Framework to enable you to make significant measurable differences to:

  1. Yourself – by increasing personal effectiveness in making business and personal differences.
  2. Others – by applying proven coaching tools and techniques to guide anyone through a structured approach to solving problems and defining solutions.
  3. Your organisation – by examining key business processes and highlighting the significant improvements that can be made by using tried and tested techniques.



Following fourteen months of original UK based research, we created a simple to understand and easy to use framework that is internationally recognised as the DNA of success. Having a clear vision of making this framework accessible guided us to produce exercises, tools and techniques that consistently guarantee results. We then designed this programme for managers and leaders to enable them to develop new skills and enhance those they have already, enabling them to make a significant return on their development investment.

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