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Goal Defining Masterclass


Wednesday 30th September


Goals give focus to what needs to be achieved. But have you ever struggled to obtain real clarity and communicate it to others? And let’s not kid ourselves – most people in organisations are pretty poor at defining SMART goals let alone having the necessary skills and knowledge to use the right goal defining technique for the right occasion.

Having clear goals will greatly increase the likelihood of improvements in performance and productivity for yourself and your team. Whether you want to brush up on your personal goal defining or create a vision and objectives for your organisation, you are invited to join Andy Gilbert, Founder & Managing Director of Go MAD Thinking, as he shares his goal defining top tips and demonstrates how to get clarity about absolutely anything.

This practical, fun and highly interactive live training session will include:

  • The 4 different goal defining techniques that every manager should have in their toolkit
  • How to choose the right goal defining technique, for the right purpose, at the right time
  • How to avoid the 7 common mistakes that people make when defining goals
  • A question and answer session to quiz Andy on your goal dilemmas


This Masterclass is recommended for managers and leaders who already have a good understanding of the Go MAD Results Framework rather than total beginners.

If, however you are totally new to the Go MAD Thinking approach and would still like to attend please watch Andy’s TEDx talk “The Art of Making a Difference” beforehand.



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