Go MAD About Negotiating

by Andy Gilbert & Jonathan Donovan


Imagine being able to consistently achieve greater results when negotiating, through successfully influencing the thinking of others.


Imagine mastering a negotiations framework that enables you to plan effectively, consider all possibilities, understand the key issues of others and respond appropriately to achieve great outcomes.


Go M.A.D.® is the widely acclaimed and well-researched thinking system of how people naturally make a difference. It is an easily understood 'DNA' framework of natural success, which can be consciously applied in many practical ways.


The Go MAD Results Framework provides both structure and flexibility, enabling people to develop a solution focused approach before, during and after negotiations to increase the probability of success.


This book will help you to:

  • Define your goals and plan priorities before negotiating
  • Anticipate possible obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Think on your feet and consider possible solutions during negotiations
  • Involve others and influence their thinking to achieve win:win deals
  • Achieve the differences you want to make


It contains:

  • Answers to over 80 frequently asked questions about negotiating
  • Practical, easy-to-read case-studies
  • Powerful self-coaching questions and assessments
  • Over 150 tips to consider when negotiating


"Read this book - it will provide you with ideas and help you to negotiate more successfully."

- Sara Holton, HR Director, 02 Airwave


"The Go MAD Thinking system is the most holistic development framework I have encountered in my business and academic career. Every manager should have a framework for success and I recommend that everyone who negotiates should apply the content of this book."

- Stephen Peak, Head of Corporate Development, De Montfort University


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