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Getting the Results you Want

Develop your thinking to produce more effective actions and improved results


Getting the results you want


About this course

Organisations need everyone to be playing their part. This course introduces the principles that people naturally use when successful. They can then be consciously and repeatedly applied for maximum benefit.

Learners will:

  1. Gain focus by developing the ability to define clear goals about anything
  2. Improve actions by learning how to generate numerous possibilities
  3. Discover how to think in a solution focused way to accelerate results

With content based on the book 'The Art of Making a Difference', the course shows how to apply the seven key principles of the Go MAD® Results Framework.


What's included?

  • 10 video modules
  • 8 exercises and activities
  • A downloadable workbook


If you are a Business Leader seeking to improve productivity or performance, or implement change, join us on a FREE Productivity and Change Excellence workshop.
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