Changing Culture One Conversation at a Time


For the past 18 months, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) have been working in partnership with ThinkOn® (a brand name of Go MAD Thinking), to engage their people to create a sustainable culture of change.





Although TEWV have a strong Quality Improvement programme in place, the leadership team recognised the need to shift the culture in the organisation from a command and control style to one that would empower its people to make decisions and take personal responsibility, and therefore increase the effectiveness of services within the Trust. 


Together, TEWV and ThinkOn introduced an approach to organically create a culture change through asking High Quality Questions in meetings and in conversations, thus embedding a shared common language throughout the organisation. 


Fast forward to today, this approach has led to different thinking which has resulted in numerous benefits being achieved, including:

  • Generating hundreds of ideas to identify £11.6m in CRES schemes for 2019/20
  • Using a coaching approach to review meeting structures and make changes that will result in savings in the region of £41,000 per year
  • Using a coaching methodology to develop a new process for clearing waiting lists for the assessment of Autism in Children Services, resulting in permanent funding being secured.


To further showcase the impact of this approach, TEWV & ThinkOn would like to invite you to attend our event 'Changing Culture One Conversation at a Time'.  The event will be held on 1st July from 11am to 3pm at:


The Principal York,

Station Road,


YO24 1AA 




You'll hear from TEWV's Director of Therapies, Head of Organisational Development, Head of Quality Improvement and ThinkOn’s founder Andy Gilbert, who’ll share with you how to introduce a model that allows you and your people  to:

  • Take a coaching approach that impacts on staff well-being and staff retention resulting in staff being proactive in managing their career choices and feeling happier at work
  • Make meetings more productive and reduce their frequency - for example; one Quality Assurance Group has saved 96 mins per monthly meeting and this is being replicated across the Trust, making massive time savings 
  • Improve appraisal and supervision with better quality conversations and people being challenged to be involved and think through their own solutions 



“We have used this solution focused thinking methodology to engage and empower people to make a difference throughout our entire workforce and beyond with many of our patients. The practicality and support it provides enables us to think, act and be more productive in achieving our goals, making change happen quicker and easier. Examples of the broad range of results include using it with my Executive team to think differently and find new ways of identifying an additional £1.5m p.a. budget for more Registered Mental Health Nurses in our Inpatient services. This investment helped us improve the effectiveness and safety of the wards. Our team of licenced Master Coaches have been the catalyst for spreading and embedding the shared language and practical thinking tools across the organisation to improve employee retention and wellbeing, achieve over 30% reduction of time spent in meetings as well as improving the clarity, creative thinking and productive outputs from meetings at all levels. All of which has enabled us to provide even greater patient care.”

Colin Martin, Chief Executive

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust




Please contact Kathryn Roberts for any further information or questions about the event.


Unable to make the showcase event? Get in touch to find out about the differences being made at TEWV. 


We look forward to seeing you!


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